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Qatar University hosts first international conference on digitization

The Peninsula 21 Feb 2024
The noticeable evolution in citizen journalism profoundly influences crucial areas, especially the transcultural identity shaping citizen participation in the Arab world’s transformative policies.

Israel’s Druze Arabs, fiercely loyal to the state, feel let down after ‘paying with their blood’

CNN 21 Feb 2024
My mother tongue is Arabic, my religion is Druze and I’m an Israeli citizen – good luck.’” ‘Unite and fight’ The bond between Jewish and Druze fighters serving in the IDF is commonly referred to as a ...

Israel to bar some Muslim citizens from Jerusalem mosque during Ramadan

CyprusMail 20 Feb 2024
Many Arab citizens of Israel identify as Palestinians and, during the last Gaza war of 2021, some rioted ... Ben-Gvir credited his “zero tolerance” for incitement, a policy critics say entails excessive monitoring of Arab citizens.

We must consider a three-state solution in the Middle East 20 Feb 2024
... Jewish settlements in the West Bank be no longer recognized as citizens of Israel, but as citizens of the new state with the same rights and privileges currently enjoyed by Arabs living in Israel.

Urgent UAE: Categories excluded from the provisions of the “New Pensions Law”

Akhbrna 20 Feb 2024
To represent the insured, the employee must be a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, aged between 18 and 60, and deemed medically fit for work based on an authorized medical assessment ... speak Arabic.

Veteran politicians press for fair peace in Middle East

Kuna 20 Feb 2024
"The Palestine question is not a dispensable political slogan; it has to do with the loyalty of steadfast Arab and Muslim citizens to their homeland," the Iraqi senior politician added. On the Arab ...

Knesset Votes Not to Remove MK Cassif From Office

Hamodia 20 Feb 2024
... general, and particularly that of the Arab citizens and their representatives in the Knesset, with the ultimate goal being their complete exclusion from the public and parliamentary discourse.”.

Hamas: Palestinian civilians are also terrorists

Cleveland Jewish News 20 Feb 2024
“The two [Israeli] detainees were in a civilian apartment and were captured by Palestinian citizens on Oct. 7,” Nazzal told the Arabic media outlet Al-Araby.

Muslim and Arab Americans in Dearborn push 'Abandon Biden' campaign in battleground state

The National 19 Feb 2024
His charisma and active social media presence has made him popular among Dearborn’s Arab and Muslim-American residents ... White House delegation meets Arab-American leaders in Dearborn to ease tension.

The UAE warns citizens and residents of a fine of more than 5,000 dirhams

Akhbrna 19 Feb 2024
The UAE warns citizens and residents of its territory of a fine of 5,000 dirhams and more and many penalties. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to a large population of people who smoke cigarettes.

UAE Weather: The Meteorological Center issues a warning to UAE residents regarding hours of fog ...

Akhbrna 19 Feb 2024
In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Meteorological Center has issued a warning to citizens about the possibility of fog and clouds for several hours ... The weather forecast for the United Arab ...

Abolish slavery ‘Kafala’ system

Arab Times 19 Feb 2024
The irony is that, despite all this, the daily wage of a worker increased from KD 5 to KD 15, and that of a craftsman to KD 30, in fields in which citizens and Gulf Arabs do not work, especially construction ... Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times. Email.

No, the Palestinians Did Not Vote for More Terrorism in the 2006 Elections, by Mike Whitney

The Unz Review 19 Feb 2024
Is this statement true or false ... True False. The answer is “2” ... Quite the contrary ... See for yourself. ... Why? ... Gaza ... We thought our pride in conducting the fairest elections in the Arab world might resonate with the United States and its citizens.

Calls to limit voting rights face backlash

Arab Times 18 Feb 2024
He wondered how one citizen and his children could go out to vote, while his Kuwaiti neighbor is not allowed to do so ... He added Kuwait is a small State, which cannot bear such calls that could deprive almost 300,000 citizens of their political rights.

Lebanon’s very existence imperilled by this escalating war of egos

Arab News 18 Feb 2024
With Israel’s extreme-right regime willing to stop at nothing to destroy Lebanon and aspirations for Palestinian nationhood, scattering Arab citizens to the four winds, both sides’ mutual provocations ...