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To Combat Shoah Denial, Call Out Arab Antisemitism

The Algemeiner 20 Apr 2021
Pan-Arabism attempted to coalesce the Arab world against Communism, the West and Zionism ... The Jewish nakba has been thought of as collateral damage of the Arab failure to destroy Israel, yet we know that the Arab League drafted a plan to persecute and dispossess their Jewish citizens before a single Palestinian refugee had fled Israel.

Yemen begins COVID-19 vaccination campaign

Anadolu Agency 20 Apr 2021
He said the "AstraZeneca vaccine used in the vaccination campaign is safe and effective and provided by dozens of Arab and foreign countries to their citizens, and its effectiveness has been proven without concern of any harmful effects” and urged all health personnel to "work for the success of the vaccination campaign activities.".

How China and Russia are using ‘vaccine diplomacy’ to enhance influence in the Middle East

Cleveland Jewish News 20 Apr 2021
As countries step up their COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, the politics around vaccines has intensified ... On the other hand, Jordanian, Egyptian and citizens of the United Arab Emirates who received the Chinese vaccine are not recognized as being inoculated by Israel, and so require quarantine or a special approval to enter Israel ... and the U.K.” ... .

When Did Palestine Become Palestine?

The Algemeiner 19 Apr 2021
In it, the Palestinian-Arabs explicitly forswore any sovereign claim to the “West Bank” (or to Gaza). ... Moreover, when the original Covenant was drafted, all the Arab residents in the “West Bank” were, in fact, Jordanian citizens—without that causing any great discordance between their national identity and the citizenship they held.

New all population Israeli-Palestinian survey: 45% of those living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea believe “apartheid” is an appropriate description of the regime

Reliefweb 19 Apr 2021
When given four options regarding their assessment of Israeli intentions, only 12% of Palestinian subjects and 14% of Israeli citizens chose a two-state solution ... N=600 Jews (Hebrew), N=200 Palestinian citizens of Israel (Arabic) – representative sample of the adult population (18+) Data collection (Jews).

Checkpoints open for tourists from certain countries

Greek City Times 19 Apr 2021
All European Union citizens, as well as tourists from the United Kingdom, the United States, Serbia, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel, will be allowed to cross the borders.

J Street conference energizes push for two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Arab News 19 Apr 2021
Ayman Odeh, leader of the Arab Hadash party and member of the Joint ... But similar to Olmert and Abbas, Odeh said he did not expect much progress while Netanyahu continued to offer limited equality to Palestinian Arab citizens ... We are the Arabs and the Jews who refuse to be enemies.”.

Anti-Muslim attacks on rise in U.S.

CBS News 19 Apr 2021
Muslims in the United States have seen an increase in violence against them over the past week. The United Arab Emirates has even warned its citizens traveling in the U.S. to avoid wearing traditional clothing. Anna Werner has more ... .

Turkey bans crypto assets over illegal transaction fears

Arab News 19 Apr 2021
ANKARA. Turkey’s Central Bank has banned the use of crypto assets in payments as part of the country’s efforts to regulate cryptocurrencies, which have gained huge popularity in recent months ... HIGHLIGHTS ... “On the other hand, there is a significant number of Turkish citizens who use cryptocurrencies for short and long-term gains,” Kaya told Arab News.

Lapid says Rivlin will give him next mandate

The Jerusalem Post 18 Apr 2021
Speaking at a Tel Aviv press conference, Lapid said Israel cannot afford a fifth election and needs a government, which he intends to form with Yamina leader Naftali Bennett ... Asked about cooperation with Arab parties, he said his goal is to help all citizens of Israel, including Arabs and that the requests of the Arab parties were legitimate ... .

Grapevine, April 18, 2021: A lifetime of service

The Jerusalem Post 17 Apr 2021
■ LAST WEEK, disturbed by violence and murder in Arab towns and villages ... Over the past year or two, much greater attention is being paid to Arab communities, and greater efforts are being made to integrate them into mainstream Israel ... Commenting on the sharp decline in how Arab citizens feel about their personal safety, Rivlin said.

The Middle East Crisis Factory: Angry rallying cry for human rights

The Irish Times 17 Apr 2021
For him and co-author Ahmed Gatnash, the Arab Spring was not a switch that could be flicked on and then off again; it was instead “a real awakening that produced a new citizen” in the region.

Syrian regime calls expatriate voters to register for 'sham' presidential elections

The New Arab 17 Apr 2021
Syrian citizens residing in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Venezuela, France, Sudan, Kuwait, Sweden and the United Kingdom have been invited to register to vote by Damascus' diplomatic missions, The New Arab's sister site Al-Modon reported.

Muslims pray at Jerusalem mosque

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 17 Apr 2021
About 70,000 faithful, most of them Arab citizens of Israel, prayed at al-Aqsa Mosque, the third-holiest site in Islam, said an official from the Islamic Waqf authority overseeing the Islamic section of the compound ... Israeli police tightened security at the flashpoint site, but prayers passed peacefully ... .

Muslims mark 1st Ramadan Friday prayers in Jerusalem

Arab News 17 Apr 2021
JERUSALEM ... About 70,000 faithful, most of them Arab citizens of Israel, prayed at Al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam, said an official from the Islamic Waqf authority overseeing the Islamic section of the compound ... Israeli police tightened security at the flashpoint site, but prayers passed peacefully ... ....